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The Nisqually Tribe is located on the Nisqually River in rural Thurston County, 15 miles east of Olympia, Washington. As of the year 2005, the Tribe had a service area population of 5,719 Native Americans, 600 of whom are enrolled Nisqually which reside on the reservation. An additional 5,119 of the service population live off the reservation in Thurston and Pierce Counties. Tribal land holdings, on and near the Nisqually reservation, exceed 1,000 acres -- all of which have been reacquired in the past 25 years.

The Nisqually reservation is approximately 5,000 acres in size. That portion of the reservation located north and east of the Nisqually River (3,300 acres) is under the control of Fort Lewis military base and serves as an impact area. The remaining portion (1,700 acres) is in a combination of tribal ownership (450 acres), private Indian Allotments (800 acres), or held by non-Indian owners (450 acres). Virtually all development that has taken place on the reservation within the past 18 years has been on tribally owned lands.

Phone: (360) 456-5221

Toll Free: 1 (877) 768-8886

Address: 4820 She-Nah-Num Dr. - Olympia, WA 98513


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MISSION: The Nisqually Tribe’s mission is to perpetuate our home and our culture, by helping our people thrive.


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