Day Care

Following is a list of goals. After phase one is completed we will then establish the network of how all of the departments will interact with one another. It will be the criteria for how a family that comes into the system will be tracked in and out of the process. For some departments i.e., Head Start, this process will last throughout the child/ren school age years.



Short Term Goals

  1. Hire trained and qualified individuals to promote resilience.
  2. Develop and obtain knowledge of grant.
  3. Keep funds generated for community.
  4. Economically develop the daycare i.e., expansion by purchase of double wide trailer.
  5. Increase enrollment by 14%.
  6. Develop a communication tool for employees, parents, community
  7. Training and health and safety criteria established and functioning

Long Term Goals

  1. Increase enrollment by 14% annually.
  2. Tracking system established and functioning with a viable reporting system for 0 to 18 years of age children.
  3. Partnerships with social services, head Start, early child hood, high school, lifelong learning, and ECEAP.
  4. Establishment of a volunteer and internship program.
  5. Provide a one door department.
Nisqually Day Care
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MISSION: The Nisqually Tribe’s mission is to perpetuate our home and our culture, by helping our people thrive.


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