Nisqually Community Vision Plan

Vision Plan:

Guiding Nisqually’s community and economic development for the next twenty years

Learn from the Past, Look to the FutureThe Nisqually Indian Tribe is updating the Community Vision Plan, which guides community and economic development for the next twenty years.  The Vision Committee is working with the tribal organization, community (especially tribal elders, youth, and families), and others to complete the Vision Plan update by fall 2012.  Vision Committee members are Lorna Kalama (Chair), Dovey Slape, Jack McCloud Jr, Joe Kalama, and Selina Oya. 

Tribal Council initiative.  The planning project will be an update the 1995 Vision Plan, “learning from the past” to understand progress and “looking to the future” to identify needs and desires through a series of outreach, assessment, and visioning opportunities.  We are working with leaders, staff, community, and others to complete the Vision Plan update by fall 2012. 

What can you do?  The Vision Committee wants to hear from you.  Think about your past, present, and future.  Think about Nisqually’s progress over the past 15 years.  What are your shorter term needs (must haves) and wants (like to haves)?  What are your longer term desires (dreams, visions)?  We will listen to you in many different ways and include your “future world” into the updated Vision Plan as community goals and priorities (shorter term) and visions (longer term).

1995 Community Vision Plan

Getting started.  Click on the above link to look over the old Vision Plan.  Stay tuned for more news and information and ways to be involved.  Let us know your thoughts as we go along.  For more information, contact Planner Lynn Scroggins at 360-456-5221 or

Meetings.  The Vision Committee meets on the first and third Wednesdays (5 pm, Tribal Center conference room).  Meetings are open to the public.  Tribal and community members are especially welcome.



MISSION: The Nisqually Tribe’s mission is to perpetuate our home and our culture, by helping our people thrive.


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