Nisqually TANF is a program provided to low-income Native Americans with a family member enrolled into a federally recognized tribe and residing in either Thurston or Pierce County.
The family may be one parent, two parent or guardian. You may apply by going to the
SPIPA Nisqually TANF Office.

The documents necessary to establish eligibility are below:

  • Complete Application
  • Photo ID for all adults
  • Verification of residency
  • Social Security Cards for all family members
  • CHILD ONLY - Verification of placement
        * Legal Document from ICW; or       
        * Court placement documents
  • Court placement documents
  • Official Birth Certificate for all family members
  • School Enrollment (to include child's grade)
  • Tribal Enrollment (NOT CIB)
  • Income (adult and children)
  • Resources (i.e. Car, boat, home, etc...)
  • Pregnancy verification (if applicable)
          * High Risk Verification if prior to 3rd trimester

          * 3rd trimester without High Risk Verification

When applying please ensure that all documentation is provided upon intake. Providing all requested documents will expedite the process of eligibility determination. If you are unable
to obtain some of the documentation contact the office and we may be able to
assist you in obtaining the required documents (birth certificates, proof of tribal enrollment, etc).

We are committed to assisting low-income Native American families to self-sufficiency by creating opportunity with a cultural for growth and attainment of personal, employment and financial goals through guidance, training, education, employment assistance and encouragement. It is our belief that all clients seeking assistance to support and sustain their family be afforded the opportunity in a safe, culturally competent, non-judgmental, positive environment so that the children may thrive in an encouraging strong and healthy family.

Assistance that you may be eligible to receive while utilizing TANF services:

  • Financial
  • Educational
  • Training
  • Employment (work experience, subsidized work, self employment)
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Growth Direction
  • Professional Growth Direction, Guidance & Assistance
  • Diversion Services
  • Emergency Service

4820 She-Nah-Num Drive SE
Olympia, WA 98513
Phone: (360) 456-5237
Fax: (360) 438-0430



  • Lorna Kalama, Site Manager
  • Tina McCloud, Lead Case Manager
  • Staci Miller, Case Manager
  • Trisha Kautz, Employment Training Specialist
  • Rosa Olin, Receptionist
  • Dave Cebula, Transport & Maintenance
  • Jesse Youckton, Intake Specialist


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