The Office of the Tribal Attorney provides legal representation and counsel to the Nisqually Tribal Government and its enterprises.  The Office represents the Tribe in tribal, state and federal courts.

Office of the Tribal Attorney
4820 She-Nah-Num Drive S.E., Olympia, WA 98513
Phone: (360) 456-5221 • Fax: (360) 486-9543

Brent Bottoms, Prosecuting Attorney

Heidi Petersen, Tribal Attorney

Nate Cushman, Tribal Attorney

David Wolff, Tribal Attorney


Emily Rambo, Estate Planning
Ms. Rambo is in the legal department every Thursday, providing confidential advice on and preparation of Last Will and Testaments, Durable Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, Tangible Personal Property Bequests, and Funeral/Burial Instructions.  These documents are designed to comply with Tribal, state, and Federal statutes and regulations.  She also assists Tribal members and their immediate families in probating estates.  To schedule an appointment with Ms. Rambo, please contact Jasmine McDonald at (360) 456-5221.


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