Nisqually Marine Services Professional Diving Academy
Nisqually Marine Services (NMS) Division (formally known as Nisqually Aquatic Technologies) operates a professional diving academy as well as commercial diving operations specializing in marine habitat restoration.  In 1995 the reinstatement of treaty rights created an opportunity for thirteen tribes in Washington state with usual and accustomed gathering areas located on Puget Sound to engage in the undersea harvest of shellfish (geoduck).  The NMS instructors who are experienced harvest divers developed a specialized dive training program that would enable motivated tribal members to safely and efficiently develop this new fishery.  Since the program began NMS instructors have trained over 2,000 tribal members from Neah bay to Shelton with an excellent safety record.

Nisqually Marine Services Habitat Restoration

In 2009 and 2010 NMS removed over 1,000 derelict fishing nets from the bottom of Puget Sound (see attached link). NorthWest Indian News video link on the derelict fishing net removal project -

Piling Removal Operations

NMS operates a 70’ steel crane/salvage barge and support vessels.  Utilizing underwater hydraulic chain saws, jetting systems and crane NMS dive teams are able to remove and haul wooden creosote piling below the mudline underwater.

Training Programs

  • Divemaster (DM)
  • Instructor
  • Surface-Supplied Air (S-SA)
  • Harvest Diver Training (HDT)
  • Diving Accident Management & Rescue (DART)
  • Emergency Oxygen for Injured Divers (DAN)

Specialized Equipment

  • Underwater Closed Circuit Tele-Vision cameras and lights, hand held or helmet mounted
  • Hydro-Lift® cleaning system for PWS operations
  • On-line O2 & Co monitoring
  • Fully contained dry-suits and diving helmets dedicated for PWS operations

Mobile Training/Survey Unit

  • Scuba
  • Surface Supplied Air
  • Underwater Surveys

Professional Diving Services

Dive training and safety consulting clients include:

  • US Bureau of Reclamation Underwater Inspection Teams
  • WA State Department of Natural Resources/Aquatic Division
  • Numerous fire and police departments
  • Suquamish Tribe
  • Puyallup Tribe
  • Makah Tribe
  • Jamestown Sklallam Tribe
Dennis Lucia, Nisqually Tribe Department of Natural Resources Manager/Diving Supervisor
Cell: (360) 701-8817

Keoni Kalama, Commercial Diver/Dive Supervisor
Cell: (360) 999-0951

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