March 6th-10th - Alfred Gibson, Traditional Healer


Alfred Gibson is a new Traditional Healer option from the Navajo Tribe that will be coming to the Nisqually Community to work with individuals and families. Alfred has been trained by his Dine’ grandfathers to be a Medicine Man for over 45 years.


He does various types of healing and sweat lodge ceremonies.


He also does cleansing ceremonies, tobacco ceremonies for rejuvenating the mind, Native American church peyote ceremonies, Enemy Way ceremonies, Evil Way ceremonies to address grieving and nightmares, Protection Way ceremonies and water blessing ceremonies.


He sings traditional Navajo songs, and uses water drums in Native America Church ceremonies. Alfred will be working through the Health Department for scheduling,. If you are interested in seeing Alfred for healing, please call today.

**All late appointments will be rescheduled

**Nisqually Tribal Member preference for scheduling

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