November 2nd- 3rd - Spiritual Intuitive On Site


Michelle Frink will be visiting the Nisqually Clinic on the following dates:

  • November 2nd - 3rd

30 minute readings: Michelle Frink includes Sacred Geometry cards and Intuitive Art. The Intuitive Art reading generates an image that can be taken home and contemplated over time. Intuitive Art accesses a natural language of color and energetic movement. This type of reading provides insight, tools, and supportive understanding.  A 30-minute reading is a great way to access information carried within you, and may assist you in gaining insight and perspective. The image generated during your reading will remain an active source of insight over several months and can be seen as a snap-shot of the energies moving in your life at that moment. 60 minute intuitive art readings and Life Coaching sessions are available as well.

**Nisqually Tribal Members and Nisqually TM Elders always have preference for scheduling.**

If you are interested in seeing Michelle, please call the MAs  to schedule 360-459-5312

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