June 27th - Caregiver Distribution


The Caregiver Support Program Is For Federally Recognized Native American Elders Caring For Grandchild/ren Or Minor Child/ren & Unpaid Caregivers Caring For Native American Elders.


Clients Must Have A Current Caregiver Intake Sheet On File with the Caregiver Support Specialist!


The Elders Program provides support services for Caregivers. Caregivers may be unpaid, informal Caregivers, usually a family member, caring for a Native American Elder with a chronic illness or disability; OR a Native American Elder, a grandparent or other relative, who is the primary caregiver for a minor child living in their home and has a legal relationship to the child, such as guardianship or is raising the child informally.


For More Information Call The Elders Program (360) 486-9546
Juanita Banuelos, Caregiver Support Specialist, Ext. 1981
Cleo Frank, Elders Program Manager, Ext. 2166




What: Caregiver Distribution
When: Monday, June 27th 2022, 9:00am - 3:00pm
Where: Elders Building, 12649 Yelm HWY SE Olympia WA, 98513
Contact: (360) 486-9546


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