November 6th - 8th - Floyd & Ethel Warbus, Traditional Healers

Floyd and Ethel Warbus are a husband and wife team who are a new addition to the Traditional Healer options offered by the Nisqually Health Department.  Their work includes: individual/group/family counseling, youth groups, talking circles, cleansings, burnings,  brushing of homes with cedar, and spirit work.


  • November 6th with the Health Clinic
  • November 7th and 8th with Culture

*Scheduled dates are subject to change for emergent situations
**Nisqually Tribal Member/ Nisqually Tribal Elder  preference for scheduling

They will be on site in the Nisqually Health Clinic, offering  traditional healing services to our Nisqually patients: Appointments are 60 minutes long and all late arrivals will be rescheduled.  To make a reservation to see Floyd and Ethel, please contact the Health Department at  (360) 486-9599.

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