Survive to Thrive Video and Workbook


Since it has been a difficult year of no in-person trainings or meetings, we have worked with Clint Hackney to create a workbook to help any staff or clients that have been having a hard time and may be feeling burnt out. Along with this workbook is a video for you to watch as you complete the book. It is completely private and your own book that you don’t need to share.



SurviveToThriveVideo.png               TERO_SurviveToThrive_Workbook_Thumb-165w.png



The workbook content includes:

  • The Emotional You: Surviving Under High Stress
  • The Physical You: Ideas to Strengthen Your Body
  • Your Support Circle: Using Family, Friends & Work
  • Designing Your Future Path
  • Learning Skills to Help You Thrive

We have a few workbooks on hand in the TERO office.


dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  For the video, please click here

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  For the workbook, please click here.


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