Welcome to the Nisqually Tribal Employment Rights Office. The purpose of TERO is to create employment and training opportunities for Nisqually tribal members, descendants and spouses of enrolled Nisqually tribal members, and tribal community members of other federally recognized tribes. Note: we require a copy of your Tribal ID or other forms of enrollment verification. If you are a Nisqually descendant/spouse, we need a copy of your enrolled parent’s enrollment card and a copy of your marriage certificate. 


We keep this page up-to-date with Nisqually enterprise job openings. This is also where you can find our TERO Intake and Skills Form, Compliance Plan, the List of Native American Owned Businesses to ensure tribal preference for contract opportunities with the Nisqually Indian Tribe, and finally the Application for Certification as a Native American Owned Business. 


We have a Financial Application and Agreement Form for TERO clients to complete if they need assistance for employment related expenses*. This form includes: insurance, licenses or bonds; business equipment; training fees for non TERO sponsored trainings; transportation assistance to get to job interviews or if you’re dispatched for a job; drug testing fees; basic tools; work clothes and boots; certifications (such as OSHA, CPR, Food Handlers, etc.); union dues. More information for this process can be found by opening the Nisqually TERO Financial Assistance Application and Agreement Form (*financial assistance is not guaranteed and is subject to approval.)


TERO Mission Statement
The mission of the Nisqually Tribal Employment Rights Office is to enforce the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance, Title 42, to eliminate discrimination and ensure preference for Native Americans in employment and contracting on all projects and in all businesses operating on or near Nisqually Tribal land.



TEROJobandBids.jpglightbulbicon30x30.jpg Downloadable Forms (Requires Adobe Reader, click here Computer_icon.jpg to download it for free).

Bid Openings:

  Request for Proposal - Elders Recording Project

Job Openings:


Computer_icon.jpg Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation Opportunities

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Assistant Resident Engineer
  Accounting Specialist

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Cashier
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Construction Quality Control Manager
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Cook
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Cost Estimating Manager/PM
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Deli Clerk
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Federal Project Manager

  Gas Attendant
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  General Manager
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Heavy Civil Construction Inspector
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Maintenance Manager
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  OSP Aerial Laborer
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Security
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Server - Medicine Creek Cafe

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  UG Laborer

Computer_icon.jpg Washington Conservation Corps.

               dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Nisqually Tribal Young Adults Ages 18-25 (Tumwater Conservation Crew)


Computer_icon.jpg  Nisqually Job Postings

Computer_icon.jpg  Red Wind Casino Job and RFP Postings



TERO Orientation and Compliance Plan

Section 42.05.1 b, of the Nisqually Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO), states: The Commission shall have full power, jurisdiction, and authority to require each covered employer or entity to submit to the Commission an acceptable compliance plan indicating how it will comply with this chapter. Such compliance plans shall be submitted before a covered employer or entity may commence work on Tribal land.


dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Click here to download the Nisqually TERO Compliance Plan

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Click here to view the Nisqually TERO Orientation



Tribal Employment Rights Tax

An employment rights tax to raise revenue for Tribal operations and the operation of the TERO Commission is imposed as follows:

(a) Every covered employer or entity with a contract or subcontract shall pay a one time tax of 1.75% of the total project/contract costs, i.e., equipment, labor, materials and operations and any increase of the contract/project or subcontract amount.

(b) Every covered employer or entity, other than construction contractors and subcontractors, with gross sales of more than $20,000 within the jurisdiction of the Nisqually Tribe shall pay a quarterly tax of 1.75% of the employer’s quarterly payroll which shall be paid within 30 days of the end of the quarter. This fee shall not apply to education, health, governmental or non-profit employers.

(c) The fees imposed by the section shall be collected by the Nisqually Tribe’s Financial Services Department.



TERO Studio
We have two in-house Studio Technicians that perform screen printing and graphic design – they can create department logos, as well as create custom designs for t-shirt orders. (Embroidery services coming soon!)


Contact our Studio Techs, Jack George and Aztec Sovereign, at 360-456-5221 ext. 1020 with the following information if you are interested in placing an order:

  • Design (Artwork)
  • # of Colors in design (max 4 colors)
  • Print position (pocket/front/back print)
  • Qty/Color of Garment

Pricing varies depending on these variables. Prices are subject to change.



Physical Address

11500 25th Avenue SE
Olympia, WA 98513
(Cuyamucca Village)

 Mailing Address

4820 She-Nah-Num Dr. SE

Olympia, WA 98512 




Pauline Simmons, Department Director

Phone: (360) 486-9558


Yolanda Machado, TERO Program Manager

Phone: (360) 456-5221, ext. 1023


Victoria Jackson, Administrative Secretary

Phone: (360) 456-5221, ext. 1273


Jennifer Underwood, TERO Compliance Officer
Phone: (360) 456-5221, ext. 2211


Kayla Sparkuhl, TERO Training Coordinator

Phone: (360) 456-5221, ext. 1002


Jack George, TERO Studio Technician

Phone: (360) 456-5221, ext. 1020


Aztec Sovereign, TERO Studio Technician

Phone: (360) 456-5221, ext. 1020



lightbulbicon30x30.jpg Downloadable Forms (Requires Adobe Reader, click here Computer_icon.jpg to download it for free)

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Click here to view the Nisqually Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (Title 42)

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Click here for the Nisqually TERO Intake and Skills Form


lightbulbicon30x30.jpg Downloadable Forms (Requires Adobe Reader, click here Computer_icon.jpg to download it for free)

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg List of Native American Owned Businesses
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Application for Certification as Native American Owned Business

*Tribal Members, Spouses and descendants of Nisqually Tribal Members, and All Native Americans registered with a Federally Recognized Tribe can apply through the Tribal Employment Rights Office to ensure Native American preference.


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