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The Nisqually Elders program is a faucet of resources thru the tribe, state and outside agencies. We thrive to implementing services that will allow Nisqually Elders to be independent for as long as possible. We work to provide our Elders and their family support as much as possible.


To document participation we need an Intake Form on file. dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Click Here for Intake Form.


Federally Recognized Native American Elders 55 Years or older must provide a copy of their Tribal Identification Card.


Nisqually Tribal Members 55 years or older are all on file.


Mailing Address:
Nisqually Elders Program
4820 She Nah Num DR SE
Olympia, WA 98513


Nisqually Elders Center
4842 Journey ST SE
Olympia, WA 98513


Elders Program Phone: (360) 486-9546




Elders Program Staff

Cleo Frank, Elders Program Manager, ext. 2166

Nicole Wells, Elders Program Assistant Manager, ext. 1151


Marjorie Stepetin, Administrative Assistant, ext. 1101


Nemah Choubaquak, Culture Coordinator, ext. 2167


Juanita Banuelos, Caregiver Support Specialist


Quanah Sanchez, Elders Coordinator


Vacant, Transportation & Facility Support Specialist


Vacant, Events & Activities Coordinator


Vacant, Public Health Nurse


Vacant, Adult Care Caseworker


Elders Kitchen Staff ext. 2158

Talava Bird, Elders Cook

Titan Tauanuu, Elders Cook

Michael McGee, Elders Helper Cook


Averi Bennett, Elders Helper Cook




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lightbulbicon30x30.jpg Downloadable Flyers (Require Adobe Reader, click here dowloadicon_25x25.jpg to download it for free)
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Elder Program Intake Form

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Elder Program Contact Information Update Form


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