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Community Involvement and Support Goals

Plan and provide opportunities for Tribal and Community Elders to socialize.  Increase Nisqually Tribal Member involvement with annual planning, activities, events and traveling.  Provide home visits and educational information.

Health and Wellness
Optimize nutritional value of regularly scheduled lunches and increased awareness with individuals; incorporating traditional foods and practices into the menu.  Enhancing exercise program.

Streamline access and timely process of electric, gas, oil and wood assistance to Tribal Elders and/or community elders.  Coordinate heating and energy assistance for eligible Elders.


Nisqually Elders Program
4820 She Nah Num Drive
Olympia, WA 98513
Phone: (360) 486-9546
Fax: (360) 459-4146


Elders Program Staff

Cleo Frank, Elders Program Manager, ext. 2166

Norine Wells, Elders Program Assistant Manager, ext. 2159

Nicole Wells, Events Coordinator, ext. 1151

Talava Sua, Elders Cook, ext. 2158

Titan Tauanuu, Cook's Helper, ext. 2167

Chissie Spencer at (360) 459-5312
Substance Abuse Program at (360) 413-2727

Caregiver Support Specialist


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dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  ALL Elders Activities Cancelled
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Volunteer Drivers Needed for Elders Program


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