The purpose of Tribal Administration is to ensure that tribal operations are effectively meeting the needs of the Nisqually Tribe and to provide direction for the overall daily Tribal administrative duties.

The Tribes administrative functions are overseen by a Chief Executive Officer who works directly under, and receives policy direction from, the Tribal Council. The CEO oversees each major tribal's departments and programs through various Directors and Program Managers working within each area. The Tribes organizational structure and management system provide for strict separation of policy-making and management functions, and also provides for clear lines of authority within the organization.


Nisqually Tribe
4820 She-Nah-Num Drive S.E.
Olympia, WA 98513
Phone: (360) 456-5221

Sharlaine Revey, Tribal Administrator
(360) 456-5221, ext. 1098

Pete Ansara, CEO
(360) 456-5221, ext. 1298


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