We provide or support programs that help our youth and community with a safe, clean and positive environment to spend their time developing up to their full potential as well as programs to address health and fitness goals to improve overall well-being.


Center Mission: We are honored to support and preserve culture, lending praise and acknowledging our ancestors. We provide a friendly, healthy, and safe environment in our community.  We are teaching confidence, teamwork, and leadership to future generations.



 Facility Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday: 10a.m. – 7p.m.
Saturday: 10a.m. -  6:30p.m.
Sunday: Closed

*exceptions for scheduled tournaments,
Holidays and early closures observed by the Tribe when we adjust schedules accordingly

The Tribes Health Fitness and Nutrition program promotes health and wellness within the Tribes Organization, services include: screenings, assessments, Yoga, personal and group training as well as nutritional consultations and overall goal setting.  Social media support available also.



Nisqually Youth Services Program 2021


(Pre-pandemic) Summer Programs for ages 12 & 13 Covid-19 vaccines for ages under 12 are not available at this time.


The summer components of the program include summer camp ages 6-13 years of age, summer employment program ages 14-18. As well as the summer food program that is state sponsored. Summer camp is a fun, recreational learning program that includes culture activities, crafts, reading, field trips, skill building, prevention, and social skills. This program is seven weeks long and we serve 75 students during the summer months. Summer employment is a program that assists high school students with job shadowing opportunities as well as training. Training includes CPR/First Aid, food handler’s training, sex education, financial literacy, job readiness, culture activities and training with Natural resources. This program is also seven weeks and we serve 30 high school students during this period. 

Boxing program (PAL) Police Athletic League (pilot) 
– The program was started in June of 2021. Students interested in the boxing program will learn the basics of boxing. Footwork, defense, hand wrapping, punch combinations, as well as discipline. Kids can sign up at the youth center ages 7-and up. If you are not motivated to participate this is not an activity for you, training is rigorous. There are currently 7 children registered. 


Tournament assistance – Youth Center staff will no longer transport and or coach Basketball tournaments, excluding Nisqually tournaments. Parents will be recruited to coach teams that will potentially attend Basketball tournaments. Youth Center staff will provide entry fee, uniforms, and vans for transportation as long as the driver is eligible.


Youth social distancing culture – Since the covid-19 virus closed many departments, the youth center has placed videos on the youth website. These videos are for students to have access to cultural activities at home. Kits are available at the Youth center for pick up. The first 3 videos are posted on the youth website, with 3 more to come shortly.

Pre-pandemic Youth Council / Conferences – Before the pandemic Youth Council made from youth from 12 years old to 18. Youth makes decisions on subjects related to youth concerns as well as planning events. Youth attend at least 2 youth conferences per year, participation depends on how many meeting the kids are attending.  

(Pre-Pandemic) PAL Police Athletic League Intertribal Basketball league was created to give local Indian tribes a league of their own, to develop skills and have fun with other local Natives. The program started in 2013 and was concluded after the pandemic. We hope to restart this program as the state eases on restrictions.

Outing with Natural Resources – We have team up with Natural Resources and the river foundation, with the No Child left behind grant. So far we have river rafting, hiking, horseback riding, and gardening outings with children mostly on Saturdays. Flyer will be posted on the tribe’s website. We try to do this at least once per month.

Camps (Basketball, Music, Art) Camps are generally twice per year and advertised on the tribe’s website. 

Since we have limited programming for the 7-11 year olds, we are providing tickets for a variety of events, like swimming, movies passes, wild waves etc. This will be on Friday’s starting on July 23, 2021.

Facility and Youth Program Resources include:
Computer Lab: Online Job Search, E-mail, Resume Preparation, DIY Hands-On learning for Basic
Computer knowledge, job related printing available with permission from staff.  Saunas, InBody testing, updated weight and cardio rooms.  Indoor Walking Track.  Game Room (ping pong, pool table, gaming systems and air hockey).  Climbing wall.

The facility also serves as the host for specific community events as well as an emergency management resource during the time of community emergency.


Nisqually Adult Wellness and Community Center
1937 Lashi St S.E. Olympia, WA 98513


If you have any questions, you can reach our programs staff at (360) 455-5213


Farron, Community Center Director
(360) 456-5221, ext. 2168

Elizabeth Van Tiem, Youth Coordinator
(360) 456-5221, ext. 2177

Joanne Castillo, Youth Coordinator
(360) 456-5221, ext. 2176

Julia Gonzales, Youth Coordinator
(360) 456-5221, ext. 2184

Jordan McCloud, Youth Program Manager Trainee
(360) 456-5221, ext 2179

Kevin Moore, Youth Program Manager
(360) 456-5221, ext. 2169

Kareem Gannie, Health Coach
(360) 456-5221, ext. 1275

Richard Kautz, Facility Manager
(360) 456-5221, ext. 2113




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