Bear Sighting Near Leschi Cemetery

Bear sighting near Leschi cemetery. Reports of a young bear in the area, do not approach, do not feed the animal. If the bear comes near, back away slowly and advised to yell, clap hands to scare the animal away. Report all sightings and concerns to the Nisqually DNR Wildlife Department at Ext. 1339.

Attention Tribal Members! - Smart Comment

We have settled on a public hearing platform called Smart Comment. It provides a digital presence for open public engagement that can benefit the membership and presenters/managers of public hearings by centralizing and consolidating various pieces involved in a public hearing. Here the membership can review other members comments and provide comments regarding the proposals during the open commenting periods. Upon completion of the commenting period, we then review the digital comments, consolidate paper comments and the verbal comments from the hearing itself and add those to the public view with the digital comments. This is an open and public system so be mindful, courteous, and respectful. Please review the quick start to submit digital comments.

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