Following is a list of goals. After phase one is completed we will then establish the network of how all of the departments will interact with one another. It will be the criteria for how a family that comes into the system will be tracked in and out of the process. For some departments i.e., Head Start, this process will last throughout the children school age years.         

Short Term Goals

             1. Have the policies and procedures passed to make them a good and strong tool for
                 the department.

             2. After hours protocol established with tribal, state, and child protective agencies.
             3. Incorporate NICW case management system.
             4. Utilize state, federal, and private resources.
             5. Development and establishment of a tracking system.

Long Term Goals

             1. To seek out more funding to provide holistic services, “One Door” Services.
             2. Become a licensed or Tribal sanctioned child placing agency.
             3. Have the independent living skills program in place and running efficiently.
             4. Community Education on grief and loss.
             5. Established structure of collaboration within social services department.
             6. Statistics that show there is a breaking of the negative cycles by having a tracking
                 and data system in place

                 at short term level...
             7. Established transitional house that encompasses ICW, chemical dependency, and
                 mental health for assisted care.

Children and Family Services (ICW)
4820 She-Nah-Num Drive S.E.
Olympia, WA 98513

Phone: (360)413-3015
Email: ncfs@nisqually-nsn.gov


Lorraine Van Brunt, Manager
Cynetha Blacketer, Administrative Secretary
Bruce Hall, Investigator/Caseworker
Jasmine McDonald, Caseworker
Betty Pacheco, Caseworker
Kacie Thompson, Caseworker





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