The Nisqually Indian Tribe has established a 10-year plan emphasizing family preservation, service consistency and stability, generational healing, and developing our people’s self-sufficiency.

We employ a committed staff within an efficient and well-structured holistic system. Through a collaborative effort, the Community Services staff works as a team to ensure families do not fall through the cracks of any system, tribal or otherwise.

For the sake of our Nisqually children, we support the family unit and all that it entails, whether that means a two-parent home or a solo-parent home. However, we recognize that an ideal family unit has a two-parent foundation. Therefore, as a staff, we strive to develop positive skills of self-sufficiency, and encourage parents to be employable, positive and active in their children’s lives. We encourage all members to be alcohol- and drug-free, positive and active community members, assist their family units to heal through traditional and contemporary means, and to be independent from the system.

We are committed to strengthening, nuturing, and investing in the quality of life for all generations, by providing and delivering a network of resources with respect and dignity.​

Marie McDonald, Community Services Director



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