The Nisqually people have traditionally lived off the land and rivers, sustaining our civilization through the respect and protection of our natural ecosystem. The Nisqually Department of Natural Resources maintains these pristine native lands and waterways important to the survival of fish, plants and wildlife, and in turn our cultural heritage.

Nisqually Natural Resources
620 Old Pacific Highway Olympia, WA 98513

Phone: (360) 456-5221

David Troutt, Natural Resources Director

The Nisqually Natural Resources Department consists of the following programs:

Environmental Management
George Walter, Environmental Program Supervisor

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Katie Anderson, (Acting) GIS Program Manager

Harvest Management Program
Craig Smith, Harvest Program Manager

Nisqually Shellfish Farm
Richard Iyall, Shellfish Farm Manager

Salmon Enhancement
Bill St. Jean, Chief Enhancement Biologist

Salmon Recovery Program
Christopher Ellings, Salmon Recovery Program Manager

Shellfish Management Program
Margaret Homerding, Shellfish Program Manager

Wildlife Program
Steven Borrego, Wildlife Program Manager




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dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Title 14 - Annual Fishing Regulations 2023/2024

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Map 1 - Nisqually Delta

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Map 2 - Nisqually River and Shenahnum (McAllister) Creek
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Map 3 - Nisqually Marine Usual and Accustomed Area

 lightbulbicon30x30.jpg Downloadable Flyers (Require Adobe Reader, click here dowloadicon_25x25.jpg to download it for free)


dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Nisq

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg McAllister

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Nisqually Drift

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Carr

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Chambers

dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Fox




The regular hunting season opens every year on August 1st. A permit (tag) can be obtained up to 1 week prior to the day of opening season. Please contact the Department of Natural Resources for further information.

Additional Resources.jpglightbulbicon30x30.jpg Downloadable Flyers (Require Adobe Reader, click here dowloadicon_25x25.jpg to download it for free)


dowloadicon_25x25.jpg Nisqually Digital Hunting Atlas

Computer_icon.jpg Eyes Over Puget Sound: The Washington Department of Ecology Report

Computer_icon.jpg Visit the Salmon Recovery Portal to view information about our salmon recovery projects (includes habitat restoration and protection, research, monitoring, and evaluation.)






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