The Nisqually Tribe directly manages its reservation Housing Program, once part of the Southern Puget Sound Inter-Tribal Housing Authority. The newly structured housing department is in the process of creating multiple programs to help individuals enter homeownership, as well as provide rental assistance.


The Nisqually Housing Program’s mission is to provide safe, sanitary and affordable housing to the Tribal membership. This includes housing acquisition, new construction, financing, renovation and rental assistance. The programs achieves this through the creative use of all available financial resources, and the human resources of the Tribal community and Tribal staff.

Housing Program
2205 Lashi St. S.E. Olympia, WA 98513
Phone: (360) 493-0081• Fax: (360) 493-8167

Elizabeth DeGroff, Interim Housing Director
Phone: (360) 456-5221 ext. 1316
Any & all financial questions for tenants and budgets.

Joyce Slape, Resident Occupancy Specialist
Phone: (360) 456-5221 ext. 1159
Nisqually Homeowners and rentals
DEESP (Disability/Elders Emergency Situation Program)

Alison Kautz, Resident Occupancy Specialist
Phone: (360) 456-5221 ext. 1163
HUD Homeowners & rentals, Roof/Chimney/Gutters,
Over & Under Income Rehabilitation Program,
Elder’s Appliance Program

Cecilia Quintana, Administration Assistant
Phone: (360) 456-5221 ext. 1200
Applications, if you don’t know who to talk to start with
our receptionist to get you pointed in the right direction.

Katrina DeLaCruz – Resident Services Coordinator
Phone: (360) 456-5221 ext. 2115
 184 Loans, HAP, NEAP, budgeting classes, will pay.

Richard Nieves, Head Maintenance Supervisor
Phone: (360) 456-5221 ext 1257
If you live in one of our “rentals” any maintenance and/or grounds work.  

Emergency number’s:

Richard Nieves, Maintenance
Phone: 360-890-0639


Additional Resources.jpglightbulbicon30x30.jpg Downloadable Forms (Require Adobe Reader, click here dowloadicon_25x25.jpg to download it for free)

  Amerind Risk Outstanding Member Award
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Application Information Update Form
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Disability - Elders Emergency Situation Program
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Elders Appliance Program
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Family Report
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Housing Application Update
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Housing Assistance Program
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  NEAP Applications
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Over Income - Low Income Program
dowloadicon_25x25.jpg  Winter Preparation Checklist

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