The Nisqually Planning and Economic Development Department provides community development planning, economic feasibility and coordination, transportation planning, land acquisition, environmental review, grantwriting, and newsletter/communications services in support of tribal community development efforts. Planning staff are located in the new Tribal Administration building, with economic development staff located in the white trailer in the back of the tribal center compound.

Planning and Economic Staff include:
Joe Cushman, Planning and Economic Development Director

Annette Bullchild, Self Governance and Special Projects

Curtis Stanley, Planning Specialist/Environmental and Forestry

Jim Longley, Transportation Planner

Lynn Scroggins, Planning Specialist/Grantwriting and Organizational Strategic Planning

Leslee Youckton, Administrative Assistant/Newsletter

Lori Lund, Administrative Assistant/Special Projects

Allen Frazier, Planning Specialist/Special Projects

Diane Moreno, Administrative Assistant

Derwin Goddard, Firefighting Program/Forestry/Special Projects

Mike Mason, Economic Development Manager

Sue Shotwell, Shellfish Farm Manager

The Department also coordinates closely with the Cemetery (advisory only), GIS program, and with the Parks Commission Planner.

Key Consultants include:
Susan Rants, Master Planning and Construction Program Support

Rick Thomas, She Nah Num Seafoods

Current projects include:

Reservation Master Planning 2013, Land Acquisition Initiative, Retail Initiative, Lacey Gateway Initiative, Frontage and Housing Road Project, Henderson Inlet Shellfish Farm, She Nah Num Seafoods, Vision Plan Implementation, Public Safety Complex Construction, Health Clinic Expansion Feasibility, McAllister Well field, Tribal Center Renovation, Tribal Member Business Development, Court Facility Planning and Feasibility, Newsletter Development, Grantwriting Program, On-reservation Forestry Program.​

The Planning and Economic Development department can be contacted at:
4820 She-Nah-Num Drive S.E. Olympia, WA 98513
Phone: (360) 456-5221 • Fax: (360) 438-8618

Joe Cushman, Director


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