Building Department Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of integrity in providing quality technical resources, project management and risk mitigation service to the Nisqually Indian Tribe and its community while fostering a positive work environment and promoting employee training and growth.


Building Department Services
Project Management • Building/Property Inspections • Construction Estimates and Budgets • Code Compliance • Constructability Reviews • Project Documentation • Strategic Planning • Contract Review • Contractor/Architect Qualifications and Evaluations • NAOB Contractor List • Safety and Compliance Inspections • Permitting • Subcontractor Management


Building Department

12565 Elders Ln SE

Olympia, WA 98513



Wayne Lloyd, Building Department Director

Phone: (360) 456-5221, ext. 2180


Administrative Secretary

Marissa Woodard

Phone: (360) 456-5221, ext. 1322


Project Management

Keith Brent, Sr. Project Manager

Phone: (360) 456-5221, ext. 1107


Chad Wall, Project Manager

Phone: (360) 456-5221, ext. 2156


Home Builders

Kevin Sutterlict, Superintendent

Phone: (360) 456-5221, ext. 1319


Karlos John, Assistant Superintendent

Tony Wilkins, Home Builders Apprentice

Alex Choke, Home Builders Apprentice

Chase Perez, Home Builders Apprentice

James Decker, Home Builders Apprentice

Sean Jose, Home Builders Apprentice






  • Administrators Office Renovation
  • 20 Unit Apartment Complex Landscaping
  • Behavioral Health Remodel
  • Behavioral Health Razor Wire Removal
  • Brighton Creek Apartment Safety and Code Repairs/Remodel
  • Brighton Creek Meeting Hall Remodel
  • Brighton Creek Cabins Interior Refurbishment
  • Brighton Creek RV Park
  • COVID-19 Sneeze Guards Throughout the Tribe
  • Health Clinic Dental Safety Barriers
  • Health Clinic COVID-19 Testing Drive-Through Wall
  • Maintenance Department Building Mold Removal
  • Department of Natural Resources Phase I
  • TERO Parking Expansion
  • TERO Studio Electrical and Ventilation
  • Recovery Café Remodel
  • Tribal Council Access Floor
  • TERO Parking Expansion Phase II
  • Nisqually Tutor Program
  • BEMAR Health Clinic HVAC Upgrades
  • Head Start Expansion
  • GIS Offices
  • Greenfoot Cannabis Dispensary
  • COVID-19 Sneeze Guards Phase II
  • Building Department Kitchen Remodel


  • Nisqually Public Safety Complex Detox Ward
  • Braget Farm Culture Center
  • Nisqually Elders Center
  • Nisqually Health and Wellness Center
  • Greenfoot Cannabis Dispensary
  • Department of Natural Resources Phase II
  • Healing House Generator Backup
  • Brighton Creek RV Septic System
  • Brighton Creek Cabins Exterior Refurbishment
  • Brighton Creek New Automatic Gates
  • Kalama Fish Hatchery Expansion
  • New Fleet/Public Works/Building/TERO Building
  • Home Builders Houses 6 and 7
  • New Garden Property Remodel
  • TERO Expansion and Remodel
  • TERO Laser Art Studio
  • Oatfield Property Horse Program
  • Fencing and Beautification
  • Oatfield Stump Removal and Grading
  • Maintenance Department Building Structural damage and Roof
  • EOC Building
  • Health Clinic BEMAR Floor Replacement
  • Home Builders Houses 6 and 7
  • Home Builders Houses 7 and 8
  • DNR Fire Protection Upgrades
  • Building Department Additional Parking
  • Brighton Creek APA Restrooms
  • Oatfield Home Repairs
  • Head Start Reopening
  • Old Jail Repurposing


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